New fornever single out now!

The sixth and final single in fornever's 2016/2017 singles series, come on!, is out now in CD and digital formats! The single is backed by the b-sides "give and take" and "balloons". It's available from most major digital music stores and streaming services (including iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon), or you can get it on CD here:
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Welcome to the official digital home of Autumnal Release Records. All of us at Autumnal Release are looking forward to a great 2017, kicking off with a new fornever single! So have a look around and enjoy the music...
Autumnal Release Classics

Here at Autumnal Release, as with most labels, CDs sometimes go out of print for various reasons, whether it be by artist/label decision, something as simple as running out of stock without a reprint, or things that are out of our hands entirely. As a celebration of our origins, we've decided to dig into the vaults and highlight some of our favorite classic early releases with free mp3 downloads of rare and out-of-print tracks from past and current artists on our roster. Who knows. Maybe, with enough interest, some of this material could possibly even be reissued or compiled in some form or another at some point in the future. For now, enjoy the free mp3s!

This update brings you an alternate mix of the title track from Colder Than Yesterday's 2001 album Memories Like Tears. This version, one of two existing alternate mixes of the track, features additional real violin and was originally intended for a remix album titled Synaptic Relapse that was never finished and released due to the band's breakup. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD Colder Than Yesterday - Memories Like Tears (violin mix)

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